Sunday, March 21, 2010

To BOAST or to BRAG that is the QUESTION!

If you desire to BOAST, do it on this
person, who's mercy and forgiveness is faster
than an
Rocket. Now if you wish to go
the whole 9 miles, BRAGGING do
it on CHRIST; because he knows how
to make everything sound nice.

Now we're suggesting this to you, for
everything we're saying is ALL true. So
don't go to bed: confused, angry, and shaking your head, for what we've said; because we know that the results are blossoming like flowers growing across your forehead.

BOAST a little more about someone, who's: greater and true,
for that's a fact and you won't Go Wrong; because he LOVED
even before you were BORN.

BRAG about the Prince of Peace that transformed you from
an out cast into someone that joined his Brand NEW CREW.
So lets put an end to this debate our Dear friends; because we
just want you to all to come aboard of the JESUS Mobile
because it's "THE REAL DEAL".


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