Monday, May 3, 2010

Due to "GOD'S" Love

My Honey Bunny and I are constantly asking
GOD to introduce to us new and age appropriate methods for us to BOND with our 4 PRAYER Warriors.
Our home sounds like the Advincola's are ROUGH Housing each other 24/7; however on this day the LORD changed the schedule around.

Carlos Jr.(#1), Esteban(#2), and Elias(#4) were working on the computers; with their Dad, while I(Mom) was BIBLE BONDING with Josue'(#3) or what we nicknamed him by "Mr. Blessed". It was an AWESOME experience and the LORD touched both of us in an AMAZING way.

As triple P's: Parents, Pastors, and Pals of our 4 future leaders, we're always taking advantage of any and every: GOD given, Open Door Opportunity for us to GROW and LEARN from each other as a family. Our MISSION in LIFE is to build a lifetime of memories.

An Advincola Adieu

What we SHARE with our Tokens of LOVE is due to the LESSON we've obtained in the BIBLE:

1 JOHN 4:19



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