Monday, September 21, 2009


While my Gem(husband)and I were PRAYING we asked the LORD to
tell us what should we share with our blogging family today? At that point God said this to us "Share your recipe on Table Talk" with them.

Most of you must be thinking and saying to each other "What's Table Talk"? Well let us not keep you waiting any longer; it's time to divulge and share the Blessing with "ALL" of you. Table Talk is the name GOD gave us for what we call "BONDING TIME AT DINNER TIME".

We gave the LORD the third degree on how to create other ways to bond more as a family. That's when we heard the Divine Being say this:



With the: caring of our 4 Diamonds, their school work, at the same time my husband and I were also in school, working, along with having to help the Church members with: personal,financial, and Spiritual issues, duties, and obligations. Our PLATES were and still are full, followed by our "CONSTANT MISSION" of KEEPING the: LOVE and FIRE in our MARRIAGE "ON GOING".

That's when the Lord opened our eyes and ears to TABLE TALK, because with a busy and heavy DAY to DAY schedule we had to take advantage of any and every door that Jehovah God Blesses and opens for us.

Here are the ingredients you'll need in order to have a: Harmonic, Fun, and Memoriable TABLE TALK DINNER for years to come:
  1. A family
  2. A dinner table and either home made or take out food.
  3. A positive mind set, topics dealing with current events, and "ALWAYS" try to applaud or recognize everyone at the dinner table.
  4. Be very: LOVING, TACTFUL, and TRULY LISTEN to your spouse and/or tokens of love(the kids)conversations; this produces a more: LOVING, HAPPY, and WONDERFUL BONDING EXPERIENCE.
  5. If one of your off springs has a test the next day, turn TABLE TALK into a mini, fun filled testing ground and family support system time too. You wait and see, everyone will have a great time.
  6. Almost forgot, when preparing or purchasing the dinner, bring something to TABLE TALK NIGHT that everybody will enjoy. This way the meal and family time can and will be a: delicious, mouthwatering, and joyful night for "ALL" involved.
  7. The main KEY to a: GLORIOUS, TIMELESS, and MEMORABLE TABLE TALK evening is to never forget about the main ingredients "PRAYER and LOVE".

Go on and have a "TABLE TALK NIGHT with you LOVE ONES; because the world is full of so much: Stress, Worries, and unnecessary mishaps, that's why "TABLE TALK" should be a slice of HEAVEN for your entire FAMILY.


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anitananamusicgirl said...

The dinner table is the place where families come together and go over the day's troubles, sadness, happenings, and happiness. The main thing is sharing with each other, seeking help from each other and staying close. This keeps the children close with their family!!!