Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BULLYING, let's Break the Cycle?

As "ALL" of you already know, we're Proud Parents of 4 Diamonds(sons) and that's why we'd like to bring awareness about the scoring rate of boys and girls being BULLIED in today's society. We've experienced and witnessed "FIRST HAND" the way fellow classmates inflicted the 3 T's: Threatening, Terrorizing, and Tormenting our Baby boys.

Contrary to what most people may say or believe BULLYING isn't a way of life or phase that "ALL" kids MUST experience. If these youngsters aren't counseled or educated about the consequences of their actions, they'll fall into the category of: Abusive adults, followed by taking out their anger/range on their dating partner, or future Soul-Mate; and that can result in Domestic Violence.

For some people this topic is concerned difficult and challenging to deal with; however here's some inside INFORMATION you'll need to know in order to get through this TOUGH TIME:
  • PRAY: before, during, and after.
  • Be ALERT to any sudden "MOOD" change in your Little Angels such as: UNcontrollable yelling, lack of appetite, and unable to sleep at night.
  • Always try to maintain SELF CONTROL to whatever you see or hear.
  • PATIENCE and time heals "ALL" wounds.
PLEASE, give us the GREEN LIGHT so that we can proceed to supply you with some other tips on how to deal with BULLYING? Remember, everything that we're sharing with "ALL" of you, we've put into PRACTICE ourselves!

Step 1

Seek the LORD in PRAYER during this time of need and believe us, the situation will be: easier to handle, you'll also have more clarity, and the decisions you make will be WISER.

Step 2

Discuss with your spouse on how to handle this matter . NEVER think that it's only your JOB to figure things out. Remember, BOTH of you have an equal say in how to resolve this unpleasant circumstance.

Step 3

With: love, patience, and understanding, talking with your daughter or son in a RELAXED manner. This way you'll be able to get to the Root of the problem without LOSING your HAIR. We're going to toss in our Two Cents, perhaps during: Family dinners, homework preparations, or while the family is enjoying desert. Now, doesn't that sound like a TASTY IDEA? Quiz your sons or daughters in a HUMOROUS way about the: who is bothering(BULLYING) you, when did the HARASSMENT start, and why didn't they tell you(the parents) about it before?

Step 4

Request in an: educated, respectful, and in an adult manner to speak with your youngsters teacher in person. You can either: call, email, or send a note with your son or daughter. During the conference ask questions, and try not to POINT FINGERS, or FAULT at anyone. Inquire to the teacher if he or she can have a POW WOW with BOTH students; this way each student can let out they're true feelings, and finally come to some kind of resolution.

Step 5

If you've done everything possible to put an end to the: verbal, physical, and internet BULLYING, ask to speak to the youths parents. No matter what, ALWAYS be a positive example for your child/children, and the other young man or lady involved. Yes it's a " TOUCHE" subject but if the other parents want to help their off spring become an Up right Citizen, then this meeting will be an ICE BREAKER.

Step 6

Allow at least 1 or 2 days before taking this final step. If nothing changes, and the BULLYING continues to escalate; we recommend that you call the POLICE. Statics show that 1 out of 3 adolescents that are being BULLIED usually end up COMMITTING SUICIDE; so don't HESITATE, because time is of the ESSENCE.



sunnydaze said...

Thank you so much for this advise! So many children are being bullied at schools, (here in my home town its mainly the Elementary and Middle schools as well as on the school busses) I have to search for it but I have a picture of my g/son when he was in Kindergarden and beaten by a 5th grader. The reason? My g/son couldn't speak clearly.
Blessings sunnydaze

Anonymous said...

one of my readers just emailed about the same thing. its obviously something that is growing out of control. i posted her letter to me on my blog with hopes to spread awareness and to let other people know that they are not alone. its truly sad.

sunnydaze said...

I found and posted the pictures of my g/son who was beaten by another boy "because my g/son couldnt/cant speak clearly." The boy who harassed him was a fifth grader, my g/son was in Kindergarden at the time. You can veiw the pic's on my blog. Thank you,