Friday, June 5, 2009

"A Different Kind of Medicine"

A writer is an individual that turns words into a "Melody of Events" that leads their audience on a memorable and heartfelt journey. Now in other cases it can also display the cruel reality of what life truly is without CHRIST.

Now a True Blue Writer knows how to turn words into medicine so that it brings comfort to those in pain. During this time of economical recession, everyone's looking for a way out of their financial agony. That's why GOD has spoken, motivated and ordered me, through my husband of 24 years, our 4 Diamonds sons and childhood friends too, telling me that I should use my GOD Given Gift of consoling people through Blogging. That's why we LOVE this BIBLE verse:



Society is yearning for a way out of ALL the distress that's mounting up around them. The bills are escalating, a new school year is just around the corner and there's not enough money to go around. Parents are stressed out because it seems as if there's no end to their madness. Through serving the Lord, setting aside some PRAYER time, attending a Church where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is taught & preached and our Christian Blog called "The Real Deal" will also offer some Successful Tips to help you get through your economical jam. Thus, stand by and stay tuned to our blog, "THE REAL DEAL"; because we're going to get to the root of what's keeping you from rejoicing in life during these Hard Times.


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