Thursday, June 18, 2009


Alot of you must be Wondering why "THE REAL DEAL" named this Blog/Article "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT"??? It's because as: PASTORS, PARENTS, and RADIO ANNOUNCERS we: Must, Can, and Should "ALWAYS"educate our public.

Carlos and I have been Blissful Married and Blessed with 4 Diamonds(that's what we call our sons) and using the computer for one reason or another; that's what drove us to write this Blog/Article. The location of our computer is in the living room; this way the entire family has access to their constantly it.

Whenever one of our Diamonds are online, the Phrase that you'll hear in our home is; "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT??? Definitely we feel that it's the Duty and Obligation as such to: ADVISE, GUIDE, and MONITOR their teenagers INTERNET USAGE. Don't worry that perhaps you don't know why we're suggesting this. Just: Understand, Know, and Believe that "THE REAL DEAL" is here to assist you on this Journey.

The Internet has their PROS. and their CONS and here they are....

We're going to discuss with you, Fellow Blogger some Thumbs Up and some Thumbs Down in regard to COMPUTER USAGE... Now here are the Pros or Thumbs Up:

  1. Yes it's a Terrific form of Communication that has numerous Functions.

  2. In the past when students had a: Term Paper, Research Paper, an Experiment or any type of work that dealt with obtaining a great deal of information; students used to visit the Public Libraries. They would either Borrow the book or make copies of certain material preordaining to their work in order to Obtain a top grade and Out Do their classmates. Now with seconds and in the Comforts your own home Acquiring information isn't an Overwhelming Task anymore.

  3. It's also a tool to: email and receive Documents, Complete homework assignments, Pay Bills without the Hustle and Bustle of standing in long lines, you can also watch or listen to Music whenever you wish. Least, Talk and View: family and friends long distance.

  4. We're living in the Century of online Chatting and it's in the Peak; because society has invested practically ALL of their: time, money, and in believing that is the BEST way to Meet the soon to be Mr./Mrs. Right.

Now let's not forget about the Cons the and the Thumbs Down of Unsupervised Compute Usage. Many of you will Disagree or aren't Aware 0f them, so we'll Glady share them with you.

  1. The Pop Ups that feature Adult Contexts are disturbing for our YOUNG MINDS. As double P's(Parents and Pastors) we see it of poor and bad taste for any young person to have to view such Trash.

  2. Most teens now a days are doing the Double W's: Wishing and Wanting someone to LOVE them. Theirs nothing wrong with that; however not everyone that says that their a certain age is telling the TRUTH. It's a sad to say that, but their are individuals that PREY on young and Innocent Minds.

  3. If that youth hasn't had a Heart 2 Heart talk with their parents Concerning filling out forms online regarding so called FREEBIES then they will be likely to experience IDENTITY THEFT so: LOVING, PROUD, and PATIENT Parents take advantage of this Summer Vacation and have a POW WOW with your: Youngsters, Bundles of Joy, Off Springs, Teens, or Young Adults to discuss the matter about not being so free with their PERSONAL DATA. O.K.??? Believe it or not, you'll sleep better...

O.K., we've presented you with the Pros and Cons of Unsupervised Teenage Computer Usage; You be the JUDGE!!!


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