Monday, June 8, 2009

What's Going On?

Let's do a little chatting about why is it so difficult for society to interact with each other. You know what I'm talking about. Everybody walks by each other as if the other person covered with some kind of deadly disease. What's that ALL about?

  1. Sit back, relax, please read these questions, and then answer them to yourself?
  2. Is it because of the current economical recession?
  3. Perhaps it's due to the Outbreak of Street Violence?
  4. Furthermore, maybe the main factor is a product of nobody wanting to deal with each other.

Finally, maybe mankind has to "Go Back To Basics", such as remembering to say: Thank You, Please, and a few other words that are being said anymore.

It's a down right shame the way most parents brought up their children with: respect, honor, and Old School Manners; are slowly disappearing!!!

Come everybody, let's take a few moments out of our busy schedule and just do a kind deed for someone. For example:

  1. Visit an elderly person, who doesn't have anyone to throw out their trash.
  2. Say good morning to your next door neighbor.
  3. We're going to toss something heavy at you. If you see a Homeless person looking through garbage cans; offer that individual a coffee and a donut.
  4. Believe us, you'll feel a heavy load lifted off of you. Try it, you may like?


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