Tuesday, July 13, 2010

America's Little Darlings

Have you noticed how society has disregarded the need to educate today's adolescence's on how to aim and evolve into individuals that are more: Spiritual, Intellectual, and Social. Nonetheless, this melting pot has rendered to our young people a blue print on how to metamorphose themselves into incessant consumers.

Our teens have been taught by: parents, grandparents, peers, and the advertising industries that its Kosher to be an Obsessive Shopper; or let's use the proper terminology, Compulsive Shopper.

Due to this misconception a great deal of our youth turn to a life of: Crime, Drugs, or Prostitution; because they can't or won't accept the fact that not everything in life will be handed to them on a Silver Platter.

If you see that your son or daughter is out of control, try the following:

  1. PRAY before you have a serious discussion with them.
  2. Share your concerns with your: spouse, father/mother of the child, even if you're no longer married or dating, a close relative, or Spiritual Advisor(Pastor, Deccan, or member of the Church).
  3. Have an Intervention, ask a few people over that: know, understand, and are willing to talk to your Tokens of Love about their Addiction to shop till their penniless...
  4. Obtain some type of Counseling from: Pastors, someone that's already been through this, or an Organization that deals with this type of situation on a daily bases.

If you think that this is a PHASE you're only fooling yourself and denying your off spring of the help they NEED... As: parents, guidances, and adult figures we must Dig Deep in:

ROMAN 12:12



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