Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't AIR your Dirty Laundry Outside!

Is it: necessary, correct, or proper for a married couple to TRASH TALK each other in public? Every couple on the FACE of the earth has some kind of struggle to deal with or overcome; however is it WISE to Publicly vent everything that's going on in their married life to every Tom or Mary? You be the judge and tell us what you THINK?

Most couples now a days Air their Dirty Laundry in public due to:
  1. Lack of communication and respect for each other.
  2. A: small, meaningless, and unexpected SPAT occurs and everyone has to hear about it.
  3. Want and need to be Pitted.
Back in the Day, when our parents had their misunderstandings, we never knew about it. My Mother-In-Law always says What goes on between a husband and wife STAYS between a husband and wife. Reason being that the couple makes up and everyone else stays angry and concerned...

Today's couples tend to:
  1. Involve their children in the arguments and force them to choose sides.
  2. Fighting, yelling, and calling the police against each other.
  3. Being unfaithful; so the spouse is made jealous.
  4. Saying that they need some alone time; so that the spouse has to Move Out for a while.
What happens in your marriage should remain between GOD and the BOTH of you; because after everything been said and done, you might get back together and then everybody knows your BUSINESS. What does that accomplish? In our opinion and experience of 22 BLISSFUL years and 2 1/2 AWESOME months, the only time a couple should ALERT the world about is this:
  1. Domestic Violence
  2. If your spouse is sexually or physically ABUSING their son or daughter.
Friendly Advice

Marriage is what BOTH of you INVEST in it so: PRAY, COMMUNICATE, set aside at least 1 day in each week and call it Date Night... It will go a Long way...

1 PETER 4:8



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