Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, my LORD, I didn't know...

Tolerate us for a few seconds; because we'd like to share with you the: cause, effect, and treatment for Hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is a symptom where the sweat glands of the: hands, feet, face, and (of course) the armpits work excessively.

In some cases, parents categorize their sons or daughters continual sweating as a phase due to: crushes, nervousness, and/or a product of wanting to FIT In; however their not correct in their assumption. Probably 1 out of 3 of you experienced the same symptoms during your teen years; nevertheless you were unaware of it, or that the clinical name for this type of sweating was Hyperhidrosis.

First things first, Hyperhidrosis isn't a matter for a pediatrician or general physician, your better off scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist; because they specialize in treating diseases of the skin.

A few hints to help you uncover whether or not your youth is suffering from Hyperhidrosis:
  1. Always wears loose clothing; so that no one notices their excessive sweating.
  2. Avoids participating in group activities such as gym.
  3. Taking more showers than usual.
Things that parents can and should do to help their youngsters through this:
  1. Accompany them to the dermatologist's office with an open mind.
  2. Be: aware, available, and offer to help them make a log of the times and amounts, they sweat the most.
  3. Purchase the proper antiperspirant in order to subdue the sweating; try Secret Clinical Strength.
Friendly Advice

Listen, Listen, and NEVER get tired of LISTENING to your teenagers; because their going to need a Good Support System.... and that's GOD and you... For further assistance, PRAY for this:




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